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Second up in our Local Leading Ladies stories is the gorgeous Maeve, known to her Insta followers as @maeviefm!  She describes herself as a ‘vintage treasure enthusiast’ and this certainly comes across in her unique sense of style.  She effortlessly mixes in her true vintage finds with contemporary high street pieces for an affordable and elegant day-to-day look – ‘I’ll mix a T-shirt from H&M with a vintage leather skirt I found in the Rusty Zip’.                               

Maeve is in her early 30’s and has had a keen interest in vintage styles since she was a little girl – citing Judy Garland and Debbie Reynolds as her earliest inspirations!  She feels like she has perfected her personal sense of style particularly in the last five years – ‘when I was at uni, there were a lot of wrong fashion choices - but we have all been there’.


‘This was the first vintage dress I bought.  It’s beautiful soft pink lace and it has a matching bolero that fastens at the back’.


‘The likes of ‘Mad Men’ has thankfully brought a lot more vintage styles on to the high street – which has ruined it a little by making the style more main-stream, but it does make the style a lot more affordable’.  Maeve purchases most of her vintage pieces from America - ‘I don't have a favourite brand or shop, I buy 1950s dresses from Etsy but I love ASOS petite and Joanie clothing at the minute is pretty cool.’  Her modern day style heroes are Dita Von Teese and Busy Philips – ‘for not caring and wearing what she loves’. 


Maeve is petite, standing at 5’1”, ‘I love a big circle skirt or dress with one of my vintage petticoats underneath and a fitted top - it makes me feel more feminine and ready to take on the world.  I love anything that accentuates my waist.  I also love skinny jeans any time of the year.’  She stays clear of drapey loose-fitting styles of jumpers and dresses - ‘I look like I'm being swallowed whole.’  Her colours to avoid are ‘particular shades of grey, pink and blue - those pale shades drain me and make me look ill or like I have a bad hangover.’


‘This is one of my favourite vintage dresses. The top is sheer with a boned bodice underneath and the dress has POCKETS!!’


This is Maeve’s favourite time of year – ‘Big jumpers and layers!! I have a few vintage woollen dresses and skirts and I always get so excited to get them out to wear! I usually wear these with my trusty DM boots.’  She finishes her elegant vintage looks with classic pieces of jewellery such as little brooches or fine necklaces. 



‘This is a terrible selfie but I love the bright colours.'


It’s been a pleasure to welcome Maeve into my store and to talk to her about her style! Her final advice to all women, regardless of shape, size or age is to ‘Wear what you want, where you want and how you want.  Life is too short to not embrace colour. There are days for black but there should be days for bold bright colours too.’ 


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