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Next up in our Local Leading Ladies stories is the fun and quirky Alex (known to her IG followers as @alexmccormick95).  Young Alex is only 22 but loves experimenting with her look, describing herself as a ‘chameleon at heart’.  She currently favours an edgy rock look, softened with pretty prints – ‘I don't really tend to follow fashion trends I just love wearing things that I love! Anything that I think is fun or different I'll wear it!’ 

Alex admits that her style was ‘non-existent when I was younger - I wore whatever came to hand quickest – it was a terrible time for fashion haha!’  Just like every young woman finding her style niche - Alex can look back now and laugh at some of her fashion mis-haps in her teens – ‘When I was about 16 I went camping with a friend, I still have photos where I wore a pair of brown loose trousers, a purple jumper and a black sparkly waist coat! I still hate myself for going outside in that haha!’ 

‘I love this Rolling Stones crop top as one of my summer outfits - I love how fun it is and it makes me feel confident about my body.’


Emerging from her teens, she has come into her own sense of style over the last couple of years, emboldened by embracing a ‘pixie style’ cropped haircut.  She co-ordinates her outfits with ‘whatever colour my hair is that month!’ Her playfulness and youth are expressed in her rainbow hair colours and her fearless approach to fashion – ‘I love wearing things that don't necessarily go together but look nice on!’

Alex is a big fan of Instagram and follows her favourite style icons – Ruby Rose (‘I love that she looks so different and doesn't care what anyone thinks!’) and Megan Alice Rose Littlewood (‘her style is flawless and so unique!’) 


Ruby Rose (top) and Megan Alice Rose Littlewood (bottom)


Her favourite season is summer ‘because it's warm and I don't have to wear layers!  But I also love autumn for the clothes, jumpers and burgundy!’  Alex loves comfy clothing which is still fitted ‘I tend to live in jeans and a fitted top/jumper.’  She cites her favourite brands to wear as Hell Bunny and Vixxsin who make her favourite alternative styles and avoids ‘anything too preppy - I'm the least preppy person ever, it just really isn't me at all!’ 


‘This bodycon dress is a solid favourite of mine - it's the dress I wore the night I met my boyfriend and till this day he still loves it on me!  I love how it accentuates my curves.’


She has now embraced a quirky modern alternative look and nods to the 90’s revival with her penchant for DM boots and for accessorising her outfits with choker necklaces – ‘I'm so happy they came back! I was adamant I wouldn't wear them when they started coming back but now I feel wrong without one on! I love how they look and I can wear them with almost anything!’  There is one fabric she will never wear though – ‘VELVET! I can’t stand the feel of it! *shudders*'

‘This is one of my favourite outfits at the minute - when I found the shop Rose & Brimstone, I was truly able to explore my style in all kinds of ways I love dressing differently so this outfit is definitely a solid staple in my wardrobe.’


It’s been a pleasure to welcome Alex into my store and to talk to her about her style! Her final advice to all women, regardless of shape, size or age is ‘Never let anyone's opinion of you change who you are! I wear whatever I want whenever I want! Yes people stare but if you love how you look then that’s all that’s important! Love yourself no matter what shape or size you are, what style or hair colour you have. It's important to love yourself no matter what - once you accept yourself the happier you'll feel!’


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